Research Consultancy into Ageing

Datafakts is a research consultancy specialising in providing actionable research

Our research consultancy offers valuable insights to help businesses and organisations make informed decisions. Using various data-gathering and analysis techniques, our team provides targeted recommendations to our clients.  Partnering with our reputable consultancy can enable businesses to make data-driven decisions that lead to enhanced performance and success. Trust our team of experts to provide reliable and comprehensive research consultancy services that cater to your unique business needs.


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Sight Scotland
Sense Scotland
Queen Margaret University
Life changes Trust
Deaf Scotland
Deafblind Scotland
Health and Social Care Alliance

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Qualitative Analysis - Research Consultancy

Qualitative Analysis

Case Studies,
Interviews, Surveys  

Social Impact Studies - Research Consultancy

Social Impact Studies

Monitoring and managing
social consequences

Sentiment Analysis - Research Consultancy

Sentiment Analysis

What is trending
in your world  

Quantitative Analysis - Research Consultancy

Quantitative Analysis

Data Analysis, Artificial Intelligence and Statistics

Academic Liaison - Research Consultancy

Academic Liaison

We link to University academics where needed

Mixed Methods - Research Consultancy

Mixed Methods

Qualitative and Quantitative in unison

Business intelligence - Research Consultancy

Business Intelligence

Internal and external business intelligence

Artificial Intelligence - Research Consultancy

Artificial Intelligence

Use the newest techniques for your organisation

GIS Analysis - Research Consultancy

GIS Analysis

Online 2D and 3D maps, AIS analysis and live mapping

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