Geographical Hearing Loss Prevalence Tool

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The regional prevalence of people with Hearing Loss is currently unreliable and often underestimated. This obviously has an impact on efficient service provision. In order to provide services that are most beneficial to the user it is vital to make the limited data available as nuanced as possible.Therefore any data representation used should be multi layered and contain a detailed geographical element .

With this in mind we have developed a geographical hearing loss prevalence tool which maps out prevalence of hearing loss in Scotland at many Scottish administrative levels..

The administrative levels are:

  1. 14 Health Boards
  2. 32 Council Areas
  3. 73 Scottish Parliamentary Constituencies
  4. 1279 Inter Zones(2011)
  5. 6976 Data Zones (2011)

The data has been sorted by age and gender. The age groups start at 15 and are incremented in 5 year steps until the age of 90. Thereafter we have grouped the people over 90 in one category.

Additionally DataFakts added the addresses of NHS and Commercial Audiologists. The geographical hearing loss prevalence tool can be customised to suit the needs of both service providers and users.

An explanatory video can be found on our youtube channel. Detailing Hearing Loss in Scotland on many administrative levels.
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